Automaten-und Bedarfshandel A.Baechle in Frankfurt


Fresh products from your farm, available for your costumers around the clock. Hire an assistent for your farm, who makes your life easier - clean, fast, reliable:

The Regiomat sells for you.

Eggs, milk, meat, cheese, bread, honey, noodles, - what ever your products - the Regiomat provides your customers with everything, they could possibly ask for. If you want to expand your opening hours without hiring additional employees, or if you just want to give your sales in reliable hands

The Regiomat is always available for your customers.

Our technology is very flexible and offers a clean and delicious presentation of your products. Sell what your spontaneous customer desires: Whether your customers want steaks, sausages, canned food, 
fresh filled rolls, biscuits, milk products or eggs and potatoes  all these and many more find their place in the refrigerated Regiomat.

The possibilities to sell your products in your Regiomat are endless!

... and of course you get the right packaging material for your products from us. Indifferent, if it ́s just milk bottles, egg boxes or any other packing needs.

We care - that your marketing works perfectly fine.